Friday, December 3, 2010

OOPS- Already missed a day- Day 2

It is Day 3 and I did not have a chance to Post of Day 2-
Day 2 was extremely busy-
I had to drive upstate last night for an Architectural Review Board  meeting that I did not know I was attending until noon yesterday.  The traffic was horrendous!  It took me over 2 hours to get off Long Island.  I arrived in Port Chester at 7:15 waited around until 8:00pm to be told- we made a mistake, you do not have to be here tonight we'll get in touch with you when a decision has been made.  I was able to get home an 1 hr & 5 minutes....really????? Traffic stinks!!!   Oh well, Tis the Season!
I finished my fall layouts last  and put aside the fall scrappiness and took at all of my Christmas Papers & Embellies! 
I can't wait to create tonight. 
I am attending Denise's 50 Note Card Workshop & Memory Box tonight- so I will be posting again with some crafty goods! 

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