Sunday, February 20, 2011

MIA Again?

Hello blog, I am so sorry to neglect you. Has it really been over a month since I updated you? I have been super busy trying to get my Michaels sdu classes up AND getting some workshops in for Stampin' Up. Well not too much luck for sdu BUT I was able to demo my first stamping' up workshop! I had a great time, thank you Judy (my upline) for letting me to do the scrapbooking portion and Judy did the card making portion. It was fun. The hostess was reallly nice and her friends and family were a fun crowd! Now that I have a workshop under my belt I am ready to book some more....
Other projects I have done in this month, my dd's stage for her brownie meeting. We used my cricut and built a city with buildings, trees and pretty pp for the ground. I Wish I took a picture of it. Oh well....
I also participated in another personal scrapper crop this week. I will post pictures tomorrow! I love ps crops, the challenges really get me to scrap things that I never thought to scrap or use items that probably wouldn't without that extra encouragement.
Tomorrow I will also start planning a monthly stamp camp I have been toying with a lot of ideas in my head- time to get them out of my head and onto some paper and plan, plan, plan. I am going to try to put aT least three months of camps together so I have some options for workshops also.
Hmmm kiddies are in bed I think my scrap booking table is calling me!!
I promise not to let too much time pass without an update.

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