Sunday, November 7, 2010

All Day Crop at Shoredam Country Club with Jodi!!

I love all day crops, it really helps to be able to create without hearing MOM- can you help me? Mom, I am hungry. Mom, what are you doing? I attended an all day crop that Jodi- A Memory Works Consulted put together. Most of the crowd were from different Meet-up groups. If you are new to an area or do not know many people who are into the same hobbies &/or interest- this is a great way to find people in your area. I met a great group of women through meet-ups.
Here are the layouts I put together during the crop (the first layout I actually put together when I got home- I guess 10hrs was not enough) The cards was from a class that Jodi put together- the first card I did at the crop, the 2nd I created when I got home from the remaining scraps. It seemed a little confusing at first but it was very easy to put together when I got home.

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  1. Great job - you got more done that i did....

  2. I'm jealous! Great work, Lydia. That card is pretty cool. You know my favorite layout is your 2-pager. :)

  3. I LOVE that card...great layouts Lydia.