Friday, July 30, 2010

Slowly Coming Along

So after posting a gallery instead of a slideshow- I went to good ole photobucket created a slideshow and *poof* it appeared on my blog. I hope to get more done during the weekend. I have crop night at Michael's tonight- I am going to meet with some local ladies, get a layout or two done and hopefully inspire some ladies to sign up for my class tomorrow night. Tomorrow's class is going to be my first time teaching a class- I am a little excited and nervous but I think once I start it will be painless. I love to scrapbook and have found scrapbookers to be amoung the most open-minded and friendliest people to come across. So wish me luck and good look to all my other CSI's with classes this week!


  1. YAY!!! So happy to see your blog!!! I'll be following along!!

  2. I hope your class went well. You'll have to share your project with us. :)

  3. Hey Amy- the scrapbooking program is taking a little bit to catch on- I think my fellow Long Islanders are busy enjoying the weather and our beaches, lol. My next scheduled class is this Thursday- lets see if anyone signs up (cross our fingers!)